About Us

The Avoca Beach Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic was first established in Avoca on the Central Coast of NSW in 1998 with the aim of providing the highest standard of Physiotherapy services and injury management.
Our relaxed, friendly clinic is privately owned and operated by Barry Tuddenham ensuring the highest standard of care is delivered to each and every client. Barry will individually tailor a treatment and rehabilitation plan to relieve your symptoms, and speed your return to full health. Map out your rehabilitation programme and set goals and objectives that will help your recovery, whether that be following your surgery, following your weekend sporting activities or your difficulty performing normal daily activities.

Avoca Beach Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic provides the expertise required to minimise the impact of your injury and to facilitate the optimal return to your recreational and work commitments.

The demands that are placed on our bodies are great. The everyday pressures of a busy working life, and striving to be your best on the sporting field can cause injuries. As we push ourselves harder and expect our bodies to perform, pain and injury can affect our health and sense of well being.

Avoca Beach Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic offers physiotherapy rehabilitation for spinal, sports and orthopaedic injuries.. We are proud of our reputation for excellence, and maintain a commitment to further education and the highest standards of care

We offer a wide variety of physiotherapy and sports medicine related services  to people of all ages, activity levels and backgrounds – some of these include;

– General physiotherapy
– Manual Therapy
– Dry Needling
– Posture correction
– Massage Therapy
– Sports specific physiotherapy
– Specific exercise prescriptive programmes
– Early intervention occupational management programmes
– Post operative rehabilitation Physiotherapy & exercises
– Children’s strength and coordination programmes
– Functional Pre-Employment Screening.